5 Facts About Activity for 50 Year Olds

We all know it… adults should do some form of physical activity every day. It can help to improve your health and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Here are some eye-opening stats about physical activity, particularly once you reach 50 years.

  1. At 50 years of age, moderate activity will add 2 years to your life.
  2. At 50 years of age, heavy activity will add 4 years to your life.
  3. Participating in sports will mean you gain 6 years of life.
  4. Participating in sport will mean diseases that may kill you will appear 10 years later than it would appear with those who do not play sport. This is especially true if your alcohol consumption is low.
  5. Active people reduce their chances of premature death by 34%.

Source:  So you think you know what is good for you, Dr Norman Swan

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