Optimum – designed to be flexible, modular and specific to your company needs

Our process supports individuals and organisations to create a healthier, more productive and lower risk workforce.

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Discovery and customise

Review and understand your current approach to Total Worker Health. Identify opportunities and level of risk to enhance your overall risk profile. By capturing targeted in-depth data, we develop interventions and support programs to best achieve your wellness and productivity goals.

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Tracking and reporting

Your workforce is setup on the Health Hub. Our cloud-based, custom-built platform enables in-depth data collation and delivers employee specific results, comparative analysis and a companywide summary of the data.

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Testing and assessments

Optimum’s specialist field crews deliver testing on site, online, one to one or one to many. Employees can update and track their personal results at any time and compare themselves to companywide averages.

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Risk mitigation and intervention

Optimum’s evidence-based system identifies the underlying causes of staff health, safety and performance challenges. This helps provide targeted interventions and support programs to deliver long term improvements, along with a safer and healthier workforce.

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Change management and support

The system pushes specific risk factor management material to each user. The information is unique to your profile and aimed to help and support you bring about change or maintain your wonderful profile. An extensive library of educational materials is accessible from within the Health Hub.

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Improve and optimise

Adding value to the data and reports is a hallmark of our work. This component will further improve Total Worker Health, reduce risk and deliver commercial returns for your business.

Do you know where the real risks are in your workforce?

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