Optimum HMS - Corporate and Personal Health - Perth WA
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Why work with Optimum?

It’s really very simple – here at Optimum our goal is to improve health, performance and wellness. Whether you’re an individual looking for ways to effectively and permanently lose weight – or a corporation seeking to improve the health and safety of your workforce – Optimum provide proven, scientific methods to make it happen.

Optimum create focused strategies for achieving health goals based on custom-fit programs developed by our team. Using evidence based techniques – we make sure you get healthy and stay healthy.

Corporate Health

Personal Health


Create an elite workforce

Understanding the scale of a corporate workforce is key to improving performance. Optimum drill down into the analytics of the health and performance data we acquire through our testing – and create strategies that are guaranteed to improve efficiency, attendance and reduce risk by mitigating fatigue.

Getting your team to perform at their best – and to maintain that focus – is what Optimum do best. Using systems that are custom-fit to your business, Optimum gathers, analyses and utilises data sets to optimise the health and effectiveness of your workforce.

Are you ready to create an elite workforce? Get started today!

$500 Health Rebate

Private health insurance will rebate up to $500 on your Optimum program. Get in touch to find out if you qualify for the rebate.

Safety through Science

Optimum understand the importance of workplace safety in today’s world. Working extensively with a variety of corporations – Optimum has developed proven methods to mitigate risk and greatly improve workplace safety.

With a work force that is fitter, healthier and more focused, in partnership with well developed on-site safety guidelines, Optimum’s programs are guaranteed to show virtually instant results with systems that are structured to get your team performing at the best.