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Optimum’s innovative and scientifically recognised solutions deliver highly personalised and insightful results. From the Pilbara to Mackay, and Fairfield to Welshpool, our widespread Programs have changed lives and directly impacted the performance, profitability and risk mitigation in workplaces across Australia. Here are some of our stories.

Company Risk mitigation

Workforce health in remote locations – case study

Rural and remote locations present unique challenges to manage most things but particularly our health and wellbeing. Compound this by trying to manage the health and wellbeing of an entire workforce. The challenge increases exponentially, but it has been done.

A small branch in WA’s Pilbara region undertook a program to assess the total worker health of their workforce. The risk profiles returned were the catalyst for change.

Management’s support to facilitate the change and reduce the risk to the business, led to an incredible result over a 12-month period. Under our traffic light classification system and following regular specific interventions based on everyone’s risk profile we reassessed the group. We found that all the original red zone risk factors had completely disappeared. These improved individual risk factor profiles lowered the overall risk to the business. In addition, 55% of the group felt they were now working more efficiently. 65% felt better in themselves as well as healthier.

Blending science, individual challenges, management support and an ongoing program is the perfect example of a successful human risk mitigation strategy.

Heart disease in the workplace – case study

Currently we are hearing about high profile sportspeople suffering and dying from our major health risk – cardiovascular disease (CVD). Individuals in the workplace do not get the same notoriety but are faced with the same major killer. Middle aged men particularly are at greater risk at work and CVD remains the primary killer of females. While individuals are at high risk, so too is the business.

Our Programs that focus on reducing CVD risk have returned encouraging results in the workplace. We have been able to get two men to hospital in time to prevent their death. We have also seen a 36% increase in the low-risk group following our education, advice and plans of action.

A great percentage of risk factors are manageable and can be reversed. Our data suggests this can happen with a structured education and support Program.

Executives Performance Program
One of the greatest health and safety risks comes not from systems or machines, but from people.

Work-related injury & illness costs


Starting strong for Apprentices – case study

The work we have been lucky enough to do with apprentices in the mining and mining services industry gives us the evidence of how hard some of the younger folk find the workplace and all that goes with a change in lifestyle.

Most apprentices are straight out of school and can be as young as 15 years. In addition, we are seeing a growing number of females join the apprentice ranks. This changing gender mix automatically alters the “historical” risk profile of an apprentice. The health needs and issues faced by female apprentices reflect greater mental health issues, particularly anxiety.

During COVID for example, there was 160% increase in female apprentices reporting higher levels of anxiety. The impact on sleep patterns of an apprentice was also striking. We found that the quality of sleep was maintained at a high level, but the quantity of sleep dropped to around 50% of what is required. Apprentices were turning up for work sleep deprived.

Our data suggests certain populations in the workforce need specific interventions and support. In the case of the apprentice, our Program helped normalise head health patterns and continuously worked to improve their sleep patterns.

Apprentice Support Program

The Optimum impact


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