Employee Health Hub

Optimum’s risk management platform monitors your workforce and delivers an on-demand system for employees to engage with educational materials and support.

  • A self-managed online portal for individuals to track their health goals
  • Unlimited access to health and training resources
  • Customisable platform that delivers highly specialised health modules to your workforce
  • Track, review and compare results from one central hub
  • Onboard an unlimited number of users per organisation


Risk Assessment Modules that transform workplaces

Optimum’s Modules are designed to be flexible and specific to your company needs. Our in-depth health testing and analysis presented in the Health Hub, allows you to access a comprehensive picture of your total workforce health and performance, at both an individual and companywide level. Nine profiles are available for implementation depending on the needs of your organisation.

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Functional Risk Assessment

Using live data to identify and address risk factors before they become health issues.

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Fit for Purpose

A process to assess leading and lagging health and wellbeing indicators and identify specific actions that may be taken.

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Healthy Heart

Individual measurement of Heart Health in real time to identify and improve employee health.

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Healthy Head

Our Healthy Head Check is based on the DASS. It is a screening tool for signs of depression, anxiety and stress.

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Sleep and Fatigue

Enable staff to track and improve their sleep patterns and achieve better performance.

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Act, Belong, Commit

A,B,C is part of our mental health and wellbeing approach to help create and maintain resilient employees.


An assessment of employees workstation setups, identifying pain hot spots to help improve their comfort, work output and conditions.


Comprehensive online learning platform where users immerse themselves in areas of personal interest and manage their own risk profiles.

Respect at Work

Aims to create lasting behaviour change by increasing awareness, understanding, capabilities and confidence across respect received, respect given and resilience.

Work-related injury preventation

Optimum Services & Programs

By capturing targeted in-depth data through our Risk Assessment Modules, Optimum helps you deliver interventions, support Services or Programs to complement your workplace’s wellbeing and safety practices.

  • Professional Services
    Advice and guidance to better understand your workforce.
  • Data Analysis & Advice
    High level data interpretation to enable organisations to make clearer commercial decisions.
  • Project Management
    Offered to help deliver bigger projects across various stages of development.
  • Toolbox Talks
    Available on demand and ideal to complement the OHS&E team.
  • Cloud-based Platform
    Unlimited access to our custom-built platform for educational material, videos, training, and DIY courses.
  • Employee Training
    An onboarding program to maximise benefits of using the Health Hub.

Our most popular Programs

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Executives Performance Program

Our special program designed for high performing executives seeking to achieve exceptional goals.

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Apprentice Program

A professional team support program – targeted to increase the understanding of anxiety, adapting to change and developing resilience in your new workplace.

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Fast & Fit Program

Make a change to exercise habits in 12 minutes a week. Feel better, work better. Obtain remarkable results.


Peer Support Program

An early intervention for employees seeking support.

Health and Wellbeing Program

A Total Worker Health Approach by assessing risk profiles of your employees.

Reporting & Analytics

Through data analysis, gain an accurate risk profile of your workforce and identify opportunities to mitigate the level of risk in your business.

  • Access Optimum’s subject matter expertise and highly detailed analytics
  • Empower employees to manage their risk profiles and achieve their peak performance
  • Address underlying workplace health risks before they cost your business
  • Expose risk clusters and emerging trends with periodic benchmarking and conditional reporting
  • Make smarter, positive data-based decisions in real time


Let’s break the health and performance barriers in your business.

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