Dr Peter Connaughton

ANZSOM Annual Conference

At the recent Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (ANZSOM) Conference in Canberra, Dr Peter Connaughton in his presentation – Demonstrating the value of occupational health – a window to the future through analysis of human risk, used our data base to highlight the importance, possibilities and impact of data and tracking workforces over time to gauge the impact of services and support delivered by Occupational Physicians.

We shared in the honour of Dr Connaughton being awarded the David Goddard Prize for Best Paper presented at the conference.

Following this meeting in Canberra, Dr Connaughton headed to the USA where he continued our combined impact on the world stage by presenting to another group of Occupational Physicians. This presentation was also meet with positive feedback.

We are delighted that Dr Connaughton has worked with us over the year to put together these presentations and we look forward to doing more of this work in 2024.

There is a link to the conference: https://www.anzsom.org.au/annual-scientific-meeting/asm-2023

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