The Swan Report

This is not another instalment from Dr Norman Swan. It is a report on the changes that are happening with a team within a unique business located in Upper Swan.

Just over six months ago Mr Stephen Lamond, the MD at Thompson and Redwood, engaged Optimum to work with him to give something back to his employees. He wanted to build a Program that was inclusive, easy to administer, evidence driven and commercially focused. This was a new initiative for the business but one Stephen wanted to introduce.

At the commencement of the Program we established benchmark data on heart and head health. The data revealed a rare finding – not one employee had any head health risk factor (depression, anxiety or stress) in the high risk, red zone. This was a first in the work we do. However, the heart health profiles needed some attention.

Six months into the Program the first Swan Report has been delivered to Stephen Lamond. The head health data remained ostensibly the same across the risk factors. This was not the case with the heart health data.

The group had shifted the heart health risk dial significantly. There was a remarkable 49% reduction in the cluster of risk factors within the red or high risk zone. Correspondingly, they had increased the risk factors in the yellow or moderate risk zone by 45% and 14% in those risk factors in the low risk, green zone.

These changes are even more remarkable given that 42% of the male dominated workforce due to the nature of the physical work (85% male, 15% female) are over 50 years of age. The ageing male in Australia generally is on a path of health deterioration and those in the workforce are even more at risk of this deterioration.

The commitment that Stephen Lamond and his management team have made to the integrated Program have been instrumental in inducing these changes. We have collectively upgraded and modified the Program to include specific communication, education and support services over this first six months.

A Sleep&Fatigue profile has now been included in the Program. The early data suggests better sleep management – particularly quantity of sleep needs to be a focus over the next six months.

We have been fortunate to work with Stephen and his crew in implementing a unique offering to his employees. His employees have shown their appreciation by their level of compliance and the changes induced.

The Thompson and Redwood Program is such a great success story. The challenge is to build on this early success.

If you wish to explore how Optimum could work with your organisation, then give us a call or drop us a note. We would love to hear from you.

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