Steps to Change Your Habits and Reduce Your Risk

Changing habits at any time is tough. The motivation to change your habits to help reduce your overall risk has to offer a stronger commitment to change. We have found that having an objective tracking system in place to support those who undertake our coaching and training programs does help keep individuals bring about change. In addition, participants in our programs do use a cluster of resources including coming up with their suggestions to help make changes to their habits, that can impact their risk profile.

  1. Always have a specific plan for a specific risk factor… as well as specific steps to implement the plan.
    Increase Activity: I will get active, twice a week at 5.30am for 15 minutes per time at the local gym.
  2. Try and link habits together.
    Drink more water: After every coffee I will drink a cup of water before doing anything else.
  3. Keep building current habits and always move to those new habits you wish to develop.
    To do list: After I have my coffee, and my glass of water, I will write my to do list for the day.
  4. Insert a new action into existing routine.
    Need to read more: Wake up, make my bed, take a shower, off to work routine is altered slightly by leaving a book on my pillow in the morning, ready for me to read that evening.
  5. Try and avoid changing OLD HABITS.
    The focus should be on introducing NEW HABITS. This means introducing new and exciting habits. New habits can be introduced in small and regularly additions to your existing habits.

Recommend read: “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. 

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