Reinvigorating Executive Performance

Those in the C-suite within any business understand the pressures that can appear…from anywhere… anytime.

The relentless nature of being an executive in today’s ever changing business environment is felt across all levels of personal health risks. The constant battle to manage more than KPI’s, NPS, Reports and increasing responses to a collection of commercial drivers, can be destructive.

The last few years particularly has exacerbated a great number of the signs and symptoms that impact on individuals at the top of an organisation. Maybe it is dealing with COVID related matters? Maybe it is the now blurred boundaries on working from home and the office? There is always something in addition to just running the business.

However, the one thing that is common is the effect these pressures have on the individuals at the top. The pace of life. The complexities we are faced with. Trying to break the cycle of just getting on and off the treadmill. All these factors compound the challenge faced by executives and key stakeholders.

Is it time to think differently?

It is tough to look after, lead and manage others when one does not look after oneself.

Unfortunately, a lot of in-house support does not have the extent of training to overtly support the CEO and the executive as they try and reach new heights. They too are overloaded and at times overwhelmed dealing with their own challenges and workload.

It can be lonely at the top.

It could be time to consider using an approach we have found more than useful. It is a high-level, personal intervention – befitting the office of the individual. It combines elements of coaching, science, data and links all this to refining personal and physical performance – within one-on-one consultations.

This approach has seen some remarkable outcomes achieved by people who declared that they, “could not fit another thing into their busy schedules”.

One unanimous finding has been the improvement in cognitive function, across the whole day. You are sharper for longer. The “dead spot” in the afternoon disappears. Higher levels of energy are reported. Mood is better. Sleep is enhanced. Activity finds its part in the daily routine. There is an increase in calmness and composure when confronted with uncertainty and unpredictability.

Across the CEOs from property development, construction, mining and mining services, hospitality and the service industries there has been a significant increase in positive health behaviours. This is not about running marathons – it is more about tweaking habits that have helped create the current situation facing executives. It is not about making rapid changes and sitting back waiting for the angels to sing – it is about a slow, structured, highly supportive longer-term approach to getting more out of any day. For some it was setting a physical challenge. For others it was setting a define approach to slowing down. Others simply needed to restructure their day.

This structured approach is to work with the executive.

We work together to build and manage an approach that addresses the leading risk factors linked to their current workstyle and lifestyle.

Our data does show that things can change. Behaviours can be modified. The family can get to know you again. Workstyles can be improved. Holidays can be taken…properly – not just a few days here and there.

As we face a new world, it is time to reinvent the way we approach performance in both business and our personal lives.

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