Proof is in the Data

Optimum’s mode of operation highlights that prevention is better (and more cost effective!) than cure. We have the data from across several industries to prove it. 

We acknowledge that there are many more challenges in the marketplace now than when we first started collecting our data on workforces. The integration or weaving of mental health and wellbeing into the workplace is certainly different today. Our data suggests that the issues surrounding many aspects of mental health and how best to help employees with the challenges are now becoming an expected offering in the workplace.

We are at a point where modernised benefits need to be on offer to employees when in the workplace. The combination of the digital age and people offer a leverage point that has not been available in years gone by. Providing a collection of highly focused personal and professional care profiles and subsequent interventions, position new age employers as an employer of choice.

To accommodate the new and emerging wants of employees we know that it is an opportunity to partner with a specialist provider – employee populations are varied, complex and becoming more diverse. A flexible strategy to sharpen delivery of the support needed and tailoring access to a unique set of resources – all makes for a great offering to employees. It also helps in building the level of connection required in today’s workplace.

This type of offering is even more important given we spend an inordinate amount of time at work. In fact, most of our awake hours are spent at or doing work. It is estimated that over one third of our life is spent at work. Given the impact the work environment can have on us, and that “work” generally helps define us, employees are now seeking more from today’s changing workplaces.

If you as an employer believe that your people are your most valuable asset, why then, when they are struggling and at increased risk, would one not have a system in place to help them in the most effective and efficient way possible?

Optimum has built a system that removes the guess work out of what employees want in today’s workplace. Our data powered, people centred technologically driven system provides employers the ability to make informed decisions concerning employee’s needs, wants, health, wellbeing and performance. It delivers the best opportunity to identify the real risks and challenges facing employees in today’s world and subsequently what they really want.

If Optimum can help you in any way to manage the human risks in the workplace – then please give us a call.

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