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A recent survey of 5000 Aussie workers has revealed some surprising results when comparing 2019 to 2023 data on meaningful work.

The report identified the key elements to fulfilment of work for individuals and the organisation. It concluded when feeling fulfilled at work, the worker has increased job satisfaction, better career development, better health and wellbeing and less stress. For the CEO’s these results mean higher commitment and engagement levels at work, less sick leave and better staff retention rates.

What were the top factors valued by Aussie workers?

  1. Safety – physical, mental and emotional safety is one key. 60% of those surveyed in 2019 increasing to 70% in 2023, would leave a business if they did not feel safe. With changes to Workers Compensation Legislation, how to manage this element presents a challenge to current CEOs.
  2. Team Work – there was an 8% increase in the desire for more team work in the 2023 when compared to 2019. Contributing to and achieving team goals is remains high on the list. The report indicated collaboration has had a resurgence since the pandemic and must continue to be developed in the workplace.
  3. Purpose – purpose remains a significant factor in fostering meaningful work. This element remained in third position in both the 2019 and 2023 reports. However, the report did express the workers desire for purpose appears to be increasing in today’s workplace.
  4. People before profit – An overwhelming 90% of Aussie workers believe that organisations who focus on profits should not do so at the expense of people. The report suggests that unless CEO’s are taking notice of this trend then the worker will vote with their feet and leave the organisation.
  5. Career development – this element has grown significantly. In 2019, 58% of workers agreed that career development was critical to their fulfillment at work. In 2023 this has jumped to 78%. This factor is critical for staff retention.

Feedback on the programs we have conducted over the last 5 years reflects how the worker appreciates and values integrated health, wellbeing and performance programs offered to them in their workplace.

  • 54% indicate they are working more efficiently.
  • 67% feel better in themselves.
  • 68% indicate their overall health and wellbeing is better.
  • 100% supported their company offering such a program.
  • 97% would recommend such an offering to their work colleague.

If you would like to hear as to how such a program could benefit you and your organisation then give us a call or send us an email.


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