Not all Health & Wellbeing Programs are Alike

Here’s a Checklist to Select the Right One.

Any program in the workplace generally involves structures or processes that have been in the organisation for some time. Comfortable – yes. Convenient – yes. Current – no. The framework for today’s Corporate Health and Wellbeing Program must accommodate the modern workplace and the expectations of your employees.

Identifying the best structure is not easy. Even once selected you may face the dilemma – is what you have selected right for your employees and your business?

The framework must allow the Program:

  • To add to the physical conditions of your employees – at work and home.
  • To offer empathy to all who get involved in the Program.
  • To deliver engaging, relevant and meaningful material.
  • To collect data that will reflect the impact of the Program on the risk profiles of your employees.
  • To be delivered in a variety of ways and methods.

In addition, the best structure for your business and the ease of implementation may be more obvious if you consider a few fundamental questions and concerns:

  • Do you know why you want a Corporate Health and Wellbeing Program?
  • Do you know what you want in the Program?
  • Have you considered what you want to achieve in your organisation through a Program?
  • Are you onboard with the idea of a Program, but struggling knowing how to get started?
  • Do you know of someone or something standing in your way of introducing a Program?

This is where Optimum can work with you to help remove the barriers.

Any Program must make sense to those who will benefit from the offerings. It must make commercial sense. It must be based on sound science, research and technology. The data and interventions linked to the Program must impact your people, business and risk profiles.

There must be a sound education and evidence basis to the Program.

The educational material must be easily accessible – online, in person and available to all in the Program.

We recognise that everyone is doing the best they can, with what they have. What we can help you with is to increase your base of possibilities. Increase your view of what is possible. Help you think differently about the framework. Help you enunciate what it will mean to your organisation.

Maybe it is time to change a few things? Think more broadly about what you can offer. Be more expansive and open minded particularly around issues and risk factors. Be more open to what is going on around you and your workforce.

Part of your consideration may mean letting go of yesterday’s thinking and implementation processes. Rather than revert to older systems and routines, it may be worth refreshing, reconsidering and refocusing your thinking on what may be possible.

The foundation for today’s Programs needs to reflect the times and challenges of the company. It must align with great service, bring joy to the employees and organisation and foster gratitude in all whom get involved.

Today’s Programs work best when there is a deep sense of conviction from you, the company and employees as distinct from a tick the box approach.

The framework of today needs to move from a traditional transactional approach to one that will be transformational for all involved.

To obtain the best structure and system you need to be working with a group who have lived experiences in the area. These experiences will help you shape why, what and how the Program will be offered. You will be able to identify the insights and how to refine the processes available to help you select the best framework possible for the Program.

You need to be implementing a system that is road tested and flexible enough to accommodate your unique needs. It should also help you address some of the issues that got you thinking about introducing a Corporate Health and Wellbeing Program to your organisation.

When you are ready to chat about getting started, contact us at Optimum. We would be happy to share our experiences so that your decision is the best one for your organisation.

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