5 Steps to Prevent Burnout – a strategy with lasting impact!

Burnout has profound impact on work and life in general. We want to share with you one of our proven strategies from our coaching and training programs that could help you and your team manage burnout using our 5-step approach:

  1. Each day – do something for at least 10 minutes that relaxes you (music, mediate, quite spot)
  2. Each week – do something for at least 60 minutes that reenergises you (massage, beach walk)
  3. Each month – have a designate LAZY DAY. No responsibilities, nothing scheduled.
  4. Each quarter – pick a day to completely relax and turn off. Link it to a weekend.
  5. Each year – take your entitled leave in one go and celebrate the holiday.

BONUS – Diary Tip: Create a permanent rolling “me spot” three months in advance. Block out the day completely – three months away and keep this distance constant. This means you will always be three months ahead in your planning of this non-negotiable day just for you, and ensure you have something to look forward to.

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