What a Difference a Leader Makes

There’s a lot to leadership and no two leaders are the same. Over the last three to five years we’ve had the pleasure to work with some dynamic leaders. In this context, our definition of a leader is one who instils a will to improve and considers fellow workers. The improvements need to be demonstrated at company and individual levels.

Not only this, but our data also offers an insight into the difference a good leader makes to the risk profile of any group of employees.

This was never more obvious to us then when we assessed two different branches in the same region of Australia. The industry was the same. The tasks of the branches very similar. The number of employees within the branches were also similar. The assessments conducted on both branches were identical. We had a direct and real comparison that could be made.

The impact of the manager or leader was evident in the risk profile presented. The initial assessments on both branches provided a contrast in risk profiles. One branch revealed an overall low risk profile within a harmonious work environment. The other branch revealed quite the opposite. High risk profiles and a work environment that was toxic.

Over the five years of our involvement with both branches, the organisation’s HQ decided to move the manager from the “healthy” branch to the not so healthy branch. The data indicated the impact this decision had.  The “unhealthy toxic workplace” with a high-risk profile was replaced by a more conducive environment to work and subsequently better risk profiles all round.

It took this leader up to 24 months to bring about change. The changes have been documented in our data base. The impact on individuals, the business and the overall organisation was directly down to this dynamic leader. It was the only variable at the branch and the only change we could identify during our time assessing the team.

Leadership does make an enormous difference and can greatly impact the health, wellbeing and performance of your team and your organisation… but it does take time.

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