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Oil & Gas


A highly qualified group of individuals who have been going through challenges due to economic conditions.  The focus for us was to support and engage with those remaining. Identify potential health risks, keep them well and performing at their best and prepare for when the industry turns.

Improvements in Downturn

The oil and gas market was constricting, our workforce has been reduced but we want to stay in business and look after key staff…was the message from our client.

The client then challenged us to come up with a system or program that would have benefits for each employee as well as the company.

The company is based in Perth. They were down to 450 staff spread over several locations and countries. Everyone needed to be considered in our offering.

  • We created a Program that allowed all employees to get access – on line.
  • The aim was that employee involvement would drive this Program.
  • The brief was very clear – this was not to be a Program for Olympic athletes but real people, with real challenges.
  • A unique offering was developed.
  • There were enough employees in the organisation to create teams.
  • Each team had a leader who accepted the position for one quarter of the 12-month program.

The data collected revealed a unique risk profile of the company.

Major risk factors that were impacting on performance were identified, interventions created and delivered.

The impact of these interventions could now be monitored.

The Program returned a high level of compliance, thereby ensuring the changes induced were measurable. The company could also track its return on investment.

The results showed improvement in sleep, decrease in fatigue, better management of personal health and medical issues and there was an increase in teamwork within the workplace.

Contact us to explore how you can enjoy similar breakthrough results.

Mining & Construction


The culture of the mining and construction industry is not always conducive to good health. It is a tough industry. Our focus was to obtain health and performance benchmark data across a range of risk factors. We had the data, we could then build the intervention and track the changes towards less risk, injuries and absenteeism.

Improving the view from the top

The phone rings. The GM of a construction and building group had a problem and was seeking a solution. There had been an incident on site.

One of their drivers had sustained an injury to their leg as they alighted from the cab. Something had to be done. The matter had to be rectified. Then a program put in place to help mitigate risks in the future.

After an extensive consultative process, literature search and review of all equipment we created a specific functional risk assessment for the drivers.

It was developed to create some physical performance standards for the drivers. These standards had to be achieved or maintained over a defined timeline.

The drivers were given support and educational material to help bring about the changes required.

  • Some of the data points were collected by physical measurements.
  • Other data was collected on line.
  • Aggregated data was feed back to the company about the risk profile of their drivers.
  • There was great support from management.
  • The Program offered the GM and his team an opportunity to see live data profiling a vital sector of the workforce.
  • The traditional historical data reporting methods were no longer.
  • It was a first in many ways.
  • The Program won a state Health and Safety Innovation Award.

The Program allowed drivers to be classified according to their risk profile, each risk classification then followed a unique pathway to help improve that profile.

The view from the top was now much clearer for the GM.

If you wish to improve your view and find out how you can enjoy similar breakthrough results..then please make contact with us.

Philosophy into practice

A big player in the mining sector with over 400 employees across WA wanted to do something for their workforce that fitted with the philosophy of the General Manager (GM).

He wanted his workforce to reach the end of their working day and be in a healthier state than when they arrived at work.

The company invited Optimum to help build an approach that complemented this philosophy.The approach had to be sustainable as change was going to take time.

The organisation had not created any specific individual health, wellbeing and performance programs or checks before. This was new territory.

In contrast the focus on health and safety work was extensive…but the GM wanted to do more. He wanted a personalised approach to improve every individual’s health, wellbeing and performance profiles.

This was all about the individual.

  • The consultative process unfolded over many months.
  • The outcome provided a simple, clear starting point to benchmark the workforce.
  • The benchmarking was around health risk factors.
  • Each worker and ultimately their business unit knew their risk profile.
  • Targets were identified as were the changes required to achieve the targets.
  • There was a quarterly review process of these targets.

All interventions were based on the data collected and other initiatives complemented this new direction for the company.

If you have an idea that you would enjoy implementing in your workforce then please contact us.

Logistics & Transport


A great network of transport vehicles where margins are small, time is limited, pressure high and behind the wheel is a driver who is overweight, inactive, sleep deprived and fatigued. Covering the risk of this situation is expensive. Our focus was to determine the risk profiles of the drivers. Introduce simple assessment points to help mitigate the risks and get the driver into better shape.

Support me…please!

Mental health issues in the workplace are becoming more extensive.

The impact of mental health issues across a workforce – can be debilitating and does not discriminate.

After a series of events across a business unit within this company – all associated with mental health issues, Optimum was approached to help implement a plan to deal with this important health issue.

The approach or Program created engaged the entire workforce.The focus was to be over an extended period. Time is used as an ally in the whole process.

The Program was developed to support rather than manage those in need. There is a natural or organic growth and development with this approach. Those individuals who want to become part of the Program are trained and supported, as they go about supporting their colleagues. We call the Program “Health Angels”.

  • There are on-site education sessions.
  • Ongoing reviews and debriefing.
  • A multiple level of support at all levels.
  • Creation of referral networks for those that needed professional help.
  • The Program complements those services already within the company.
  • This type of Program begins with a conversation.
  • Ask simple questions.
  • A support system is developed across the entire organisation.
  • There is constantly monitoring of all involved.
  • It is all voluntary.
  • There is also a clear understanding that the culture within the organisation will take time to adapt to this approach.

If you would like to see how the benefits of the “Health Angel” could be applied to your workforce then please contact us.

Corporate Advisory


A professional group that include teams of accountants, lawyers and business analysts. The challenge in this sector is getting agreement on the best path forward to offset the increasing work pressure and mental health challenges. Our focus was to identify the health and wellbeing risk factors. Create a long-term plan to help bring about change with individuals and the ultimately the industry.

What about a trial?

A National accounting and advisory firm meet with Optimum to determine how to “test the waters” by using our consulting services.

This Perth based firm had never considered the integrated approach Optimum offers to improve the health, wellbeing and performance of their staff and organisation.

The resolution was to conduct a “trial program”.

  • Selected key staff and personnel would be invited to be part of the trial.
  • This trial would complement other health and medical services on offer to the staff.
  • The collected data would form part of the overall profile Optimum is putting together of each of the trial members and the firm.
  • The individuals in the trail were consulted regularly.
  • Aggregated data only is presented to the firm.
  • Specific interventions and action plans are developed – all based on the evidence.
  • The data is then interrogated across business units, disciplines, and/or individuals.
  • Health, wellbeing and performance profiles can also be linked to critical times (busy times) of the business.
  • There will be real time insight into how specific projects influence the risk profiles of individuals and how these individuals and business units are coping with the workload.
  • Real-time data will be available throughout the trial; therefore, real time decision can be made.

The trial also enables the firm to consider how such a Program can be rolled out to the entire firm.

The firm will be able to identify what Program components are relevant to them and of greatest value. It has proven to be a great way to get involved with Optimum and to see at first hand the impact this type of offering has on your team.

If you wish to discuss how the benefits obtained from such a trial could be used in your workplace then please contact us.

Bespoke Executive Coaching


Individual executives who know they must bring about change in their health, performance and wellbeing profiles but are not sure where to start. They are out of balance. They are working long hours, high pressure, growing families, well paid careers but it is slowly killing them. Our focus is to work with each executive to restore this balance. We go back to first principle science to profile them and then work together to map a path to better health, performance and lifestyle.

What is in it for me?

Running any organisation is tough.

Running an organisation when you are not in your best shape, sleep deprived, working longer hours, too fat, inactive and eating poorly as well as consuming too much alcohol is more challenging. It is a story we hear too often at Optimum.

A great number of executives we see want to change things.

  • You understand how important it is to be in better shape.
  • You understand about being a leader and making clear decisions.
  • You understand the challenges but struggle as to where to start, how to sustain the changes, and how to ask for support.

This is where Optimum comes into the picture.

  • We work with the individual, review their history, their hormonal and metabolic profiles along with a raft of other scientific measures.
  • We map a plan of action for each person. It is a bespoke approach.
  • We obtain scientific evidence that helps us determine the extent of support and length of time you will be working with us on your Program.

There is a raft of  services to support you as you go through the Program.

  • They extends from private consultations, regular phone and email contact to using our online self-reporting data collection processes.
  • You will build your own profile
  • You will determine how you are going and how quickly you are approaching your overall targets and goals.

The expectations in the Program are determined by the executive and supported by our team at Optimum. Optimum’s team consists of psychologist, dietitian, exercise physiologist and a network of other health providers.

If you are looking for a personalised, scientific approach to improving a range of health and performance factors then all you have to do is contact us and start the conversation. 

Commercial Property & Services


This is an eclectic sector. A great range of professions, ages, qualifications and skills ranging from managing shopping centres to delivering coffee and milk to high rise buildings. Our focus has been with the leadership groups in this sector. Collecting data across a range of factors and working with them so their teams can achieve optimum performance.

A contingency plan

We were approached by a private company in Perth to help get their key executives into shape.

The company was putting together a contingency plan and they had identified that health, wellbeing and performance of key staff as a critical factor in the success of the plan.

The company had never been experienced anything like what Optimum proposed.  Blending both parties expectations created a unique offering that delivered great value for both parties.

We agreed on a range of measures, within a trial program. If this trial was successful, the Program would be rolled out to the entire organisation.

The Program was a high intensity 6-month period.

  • A great deal of scientific, medical, health and performance data was collected and feed back to the individual and company on a regular basis.
  • The Program was built around; on-line self-reporting data, data collected from wearables, elite scientific data and regular personal consultations.
  • All executives had their own performance targets to achieve.
  • A Performance Metric was created for the company.
  • All executives could influence this Metric and were encouraged to do so.

The change in the Performance Metric across the 6-month trial was a 10% improvement.

The changes in some of the individual scores reflected up to a 30% improvement across all risk factors.

The compliance to the Program was 100% and these outstanding trial results reflect this commitment.

The company did achieve its first goal…they got the key executives into better shape. Now for the roll out.

Contact us to explore how you can enjoy similar breakthrough results. 

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