PhD into Practice

Weight loss, hormones, compliance, very low calorie diets, metabolism, obesity and overweight have all been part of my PhD at the University of Western Australia.

You can now access a range of new weight loss programs… as a result of my studies.

Obesity and overweight remain two of our major health challenges but we believe there are solutions with these new programs.

You can select from a range of programs, designed to offer you the best chance of success in both short and long term.

One example of this research is in the way we have taken intermittent fasting methods, as a means of weight loss, to a new level.

You can select from a range of fasting regimes, meal plans, exercise patterns and very low calorie diets to fit your lifestyle and the outcomes you wish to achieve.

The new programs will also use a secure, personalised online system of self-monitoring to assist you comply with your chosen approach.

You will also have an opportunity to access blood and metabolic measurements to complement your weight loss program.

These are very exciting times built around world class research and they offer you a host of benefits – using different approaches.

If you would like to explore how these breakthrough results are achieved, then contact us now.

Dr Graeme Wright