For the last few decades Dr Graeme Wright has been helping people and corporations by attending to…all the little things…that will prepare them for the future.

He is a story teller linking a raft of health, performance and weight management issue to personal, real-life events and experiences.

He has been a pioneer in the areas of performance, weight and health management in Australia and still runs a successful clinical and consulting practice. The data base from which he can create his stories is extensive and colourful.

His consultancy company has worked with thousands of people, companies and groups around Australia and in recent times he has developed some online methods to help tell the story.

He has written and spoken about the challenges, strategies and outcomes of managing your health and wellbeing at state, national and international meetings.

He has an extensive; education, coaching and playing backgrounds.

His consultancy work is an evidence based approach and he has completed a PhD at UWA in…Metabolism, Hormonal Balance and Weight Management.

If you are looking to add that something different, meaningful and good fun to your next meeting, conference or education program then you are in the right place.

Get in touch to see how the benefits of having Graeme speak at your meeting can be outlined to you.