Fit For Purpose

Once you have completed an online self-reporting assessment of 32 separate health risk factors application you will get a profile of your overall health, risks, wellbeing, performance. You will also get ongoing reminders about areas that may need improvement.

The analysis of your data is a colourful, graphical representation of you and your health.

You will be able to track how you are going with the program as each assessment is super imposed on the last one you complete.

You will see what changes you have made and how your point scoring is improving. You can now gauge how you are going at the click of a button.

When you get involved with our programs you will have an opportunity to use this great application.

You will be able to log on from anywhere and you will have unlimited use of the application whilst in the Programs.

Optimum Performance Program

This allows you to manage your health using your own unique structure and framework.

It will allow you to review key health parameters, metabolic details, biochemical markers and your general performance.

You will be able to monitor your own targets, standards and physical indicators.

Analysis on your data coming from this Program will enable you to reshape your own risk profile.

Your data is colour coded, scored in absolute and relative terms that allows you to compare yourself to the entire population using the application.

You will be able to see exactly what action needs to be taken and the progress you have made overtime.

This application is best suited to our Bespoke Programs and Executives we work with in the corporate sector.