35 Swing Program

The 35 Swing Program created by Dr Wright manages your weight, health and well-being. Dr Wright’s research suggests that any approach to manage your weight needs to be multi-dimensional, provide choice, easily delivered, affordable and get results. These factors are the cornerstone to the development of the 35 Swing Program.

35 Swing is an easy step by step, flexible, personally designed Program. Work at your own pace as it suits all fitness level and no gym equipment is needed. The small investment required brings huge health rewards and benefits. It will change your life.
There are three levels – beginners, deluxe and premium. For 35 days, you will be guided through specialised meal plans and exercises – all based on Dr Wright’s scientific research. There is also ongoing support, tips and information to keep you on track. A wearable device will also help you get the most out of the program.

Committing to the 35 Swing Program means you will become healthier, happier and more inspired than ever before. Commit once, then reuse the Program as many times as you wish. Dr Wright created the 35 Swing Program so Australians can access a simple, effective, long term weight loss solution backed by science and driven by results.

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The 35 Swing Program itself costs $10 and can be purchased through our online shop.