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Let’s Get Personal

Ever wondered how fast your metabolic rate is? Did you know that building a diet and exercise regime to suit your metabolic profile can impact on your results?

We measure your metabolic rate to improve your health, weight and performance. It is a scientific approach. No guessing.

You will benefit from our evidence based approach.

Much of the work we do coupled with our technology, gives you the ability to better understand what you need to do to get healthier, lighter and function more effectively.

Working with Optimum means you will become smarter forever.

We can’t wait to help.

Custom Fit

We focus on building a performance, wellbeing or weight loss program that is best suited to you, your needs and objectives.

We work with you to clarify what is the best approach for you. We show you how you will reach your objectives by using consultations, data collection and action plans based on your unique data profiles. No one size fits all.

Book in now for an in-depth initial consultation to tell us your story.

How it Works

You will gain insights from some of the world’s elite performers, renowned researchers and institutions. Our systems, programs, offerings and technology are world class and will start you thinking differently.

You will become lighter, fitter and healthier and perform better for longer. You will also be able to get the best out of your body.

Partnering with Optimum will make you profoundly healthier.

  • Exercise

  • Metabolism

  • Hormones

  • Weight Management

Why it Works

At Optimum, we understand peoples’ apprehension about using elite, evidence based science to profile their weight, well being and performance needs. With us you can choose from several program options from on the phone to bespoke extended individual programs. Prices and investment models are flexible and structured to suit your needs.

Delivering value for your long-term success is important to us. You will not get lost in large client portfolios, become one of only a select group of companies or individuals we work with each year. At Optimum, you get more attention.

Everything we do at Optimum starts with a conversation. Our team is ready to hear from you. Book an in-depth initial consultation…now.

Our intermittent fasting programs are based on our data and the best evidence from around the world. There are several program options to choose from and a special program for pre and type 2 diabetics.

This is a weight management program…delivered via the phone for your convenience.

Access shakes, bars and soups to complement your chosen weight management program at any time.

Optimum is an evidence based company. Our software application allows you to track your progress and manage your risks. Real data in real time.

You will access an extensive collection of meal plans, activity regimes, modules, educational material and publications.

These profiles offer you a unique insight about how you function. They form the cornerstone of how you will work with Optimum.

From keynote presentations at conferences to toolbox meetings in the workplace.  We can also tailor presentations to suit your requirements.

Looking for a first step toward better health? Book a consult today.