Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is

A: It is a consulting group that specialises in personalised approaches for health and management services all within a scientific model. The mode of operation moves from the known (data) to the unknown (application of the data) to suit the individual or corporation.

Q: What is different about

A: There are several differences when compared to the normal health, performance and management consultants and web sites. We have published data in the international literature about our results so we can tell you what outcomes you may expect. We have developed a raft of systems to accommodate the individual differences we see in the market place. So there is something for nearly everyone within Optimum. We act only after we have collected some data or completed a full history on each person or organisation – so what is developed is exactly what is required. It means that we are efficient, cost effective and specific to the requirement. We are also always developing new and exciting approaches. You can also work with Optimum at a range of levels to suit you and your organisation.

Q: What are the clinical weight management programs about?

A: The intermittent fasting programs are for those individuals who wish to take a serious scientific approach to managing their weight, health and well being. There are variations within the programs so that you will have a choice as to what approach works best for you. It is a personalised approach with a great deal of support.

Q: Why use the Health Portal?

A: Using the Health Portal offers you access to information and means and methods of managing your health – that have not been available in the past. In fact we think it is so important that we are linking access to the Health Portal to our clinical programs. There are tremendous benefits in both financial and professional terms – savings on purchases, access to top line professionals, personalised health and well being profiling, ongoing contact, a vault of information for you to tap, a variety of meal plans and exercise regimes and the list goes on.

Q: Why not just get the FREE newsletter?

A: You can. You sign up – we do the rest. This will certainly get you started on managing your health and well being and there will be some great information and ideas conveyed to you. This is also a great way to test the water and see what Optimum is about. This is particularly the case if you have not used our services in the past.

Q: What about shopping online?

A: The shop is a secure service that allows you the convenience to order online and get the products delivered to your doorstep. The shop will also allow us to communicate with you about specials and unique shopping items.

Q: Are we still able to consult with the team and visit the Clinic?

A: Absolutely. The site represents one aspect of our growth and the electronic management of an increasing data base is essential if we are to provide you with value, convenience and opportunity. This electronic approach will complement what we do with you and your organisation. It means that with the development of the new site and our software applications you should see an increase in value and benefits.

Q: Does Optimum plan to sell the mailing list?

A: Absolutely not. The mailing list is only to be used for our team to communicate with you.

Q: If we fill out some of these health profiles online are they secure?

A: All the information we collect under a username and password is very secure. This primarily applies to the profiles you complete on line and the date we enter directly into the system. Some large groups we work with do a great deal of on line data collection and again each individual will only see their data.

Q: What about the surveys that are done on the site?

A: These surveys or on-line assessments are part of the data management system and are treated in the exact same manner as all our data.

Q: How does using the Health Portal work?

A: You buy the time you wish to use the Health Portal. Six month blocks are available and you are entitled to use the Health Portal for as long as you require.

Q: How do we keep in touch with Optimum?

A: The Contact page has our street address and email address – We are happy to chat on the phone 08 9321 9677, or receive a fax 08 9321 9766. We welcome any contact using the medium that suits you best. Look forward to hearing from you.

Q: What are these Special Projects?

A: These are projects that we support. That support has been in a fund raising capacity, on a volunteer basis or we have a vested interest in the project. If you wish to make a donation to any of the projects or offer support then please use the link to get to the site of the project(s) that appeal to you and take it from there. We have found over the years that the real benefits are in the process of supporting these group(s).

Q: We notice there is a list of contributors on the site - What does this mean?

A: This means that some of the world leaders in the area of health, performance, weight management, diet, exercise and business are all part of the extended resource. They represent the most recent research, thinking and teaching in their area of expertise. We are delighted to be able to access such a group.

Q: Does Optimum use Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD's) in all its weight management programs?

A: We use VLCD products in some of our programs. The way we use the product does depend on the history and evaluation we do with each individual before making any recommendation. We use the product in our intermittent fasting programs as well as in different combinations across other offerings. The products are also available through the shop. It may be more convenient for individuals to access the product on line – particularly if they are in remote locations.

Q: Who can use the services provided by Optimum and its team?

A: Everyone can choose to work with Optimum. Businesses of all shape and sizes. Individuals with a weight problem or health challenge they need to manage. Some adventurers and elite performers are preparing for certain events and they need specific advice. Corporations who are looking to improve their team function, performance or the health and well being of there employees use Optimum. Groups looking for speakers for their next conference or to run their next training day get in touch. Some individuals are seeking answers as to why what they are doing, is not working. Some people are referred by their GP under the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC). The list is quite extensive and varied with the common ingredient of each potential client being treated as a unique profile and seeking specific requirements. We have had everyone from Olympic athletes to 300 kg men to Managing Directors to people in remote locations seek our services.