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Stay Sharper for Longer

Having an insight into your workforce allows you to manage and optimise performance, make financial efficiency gains and ultimately control the instruments that power success across the organisation.  Want to know how it works?  Click on the button below.

Boost Compliance

It’s a fair assumption that any spending on training, programs or interventions needs maximum take up and attendance.

Today, our technology allows you to digitise old and cumbersome manual processes into real-time analytics and data reports.

These methods feed directly into making your business and operation more compliant, mitigating your commercial risk.


Preventative Outlook

Improve how your company manages people by predicting not reacting to high risk situations. It’s part of the reason we live by the philosophy of ‘forecast don’t react’. Much of the work we do, coupled with our technology, gives you the ability to touch real time data.

You can replace traditional lagging indicators and historical reports. You will be making decisions before impacts are felt, going a long way to saving your budget as well as time.

Leading Indicator
58.2%1 Month
Lagging Indicator
64.9%1 Month
Leading Indicator
78.6%6 Months
Lagging Indicator
81.3%6 Months

Graph shows Leading and Lagging indicators over 6 month period

Reduce Expenditure

Companies of all sizes regularly experience the harsh reality of just how damaging the cost of reacting to an incident is compared to preventive management.

A data led health management program will reduce any potential worker’s compensation claims or annual insurance premiums.

Performance Metric0%
Work Style (Team)0%
Risk Behaviours0%

Access Elite Science

Gain insights from some of the world’s elite performers, companies and research institutions like the University of Western Australia.

Our systems, offerings and technology are straight out of the labs of world-class universities and designed around one core outcome – making commercial environments healthier, safer and more compliant so people perform better for longer. The perspectives you gain from partnering with Optimum make your company profoundly better.

CEO’s Perspective

Seeing it from the top is important to us. We understand the challenges CEO’s and their executives face, from metrics like Net Promoter Scores, delivering value to shareholders, gaining external recognition, leaving a legacy and getting the best from your staff.

The work we specialise in makes all of this and more a distinct possibility. From the network of top executives, regardless of sector, and even the elite athletes and extreme adventurers – the outcomes are similar. Boost energy levels to operate smarter and unlock greater performance among your workforce.

Looking for a first step toward better health? We can help.