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About Optimum

Optimum’s team led by Dr Graeme Wright hold a unique and privileged position in the market place. We work with corporations, individual clients, elite athletes and extreme adventurers.

Optimum has developed scientific systems and technologies crafted from the data obtained at elite institutions. Gaining this information allows Optimum to create targeted options for all situations, organisations and challenges.

Optimum’s Team

Dr Graeme Wright heads up a talented team of graduate and post graduate professionals, scientists and adventures.

The team has worked with extreme adventures who have attempted to walk to the north pole, paddle around St Georgia Island, climb Mt Everest and run the New York Marathon. In addition, we have worked with large public companies, and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The data from our clinical work has been presented at local, national and international conferences. It has been published in international, peer reviewed journals and constituted the basis of Dr Graeme Wright’s PhD thesis.

Point of difference

Businesses and individuals work with Optimum because they want to work with an evidence based company. You will get to use real data, in real time to create real offerings.

You will experience a seamless engagement process as we work within your corporate structure. All our services are scalable and flexible.

You will also have the ability choose how you work with Optimum. You may wish to start with a small group, run a pilot program, or work with business units and departments, before looking to roll out the offering to the larger workforce.

Looking for a first step toward better health? We can help.